Git Slides, a rapid presentation tool using Markdown and Github Pages

Creating goodlooking presentations, with no time is a pain. There's not enough time to structure your story, and visual WYSIWYG distract you from focussing on the content.

When it comes to creating presentations, the most popular tools have the most burdensome UI.

This distracts the user from being able to focus on the story. Creating even a simple slide can take several unnecessary interactions. Editing the styling for the slide is cumbersome, as each slide must be edited manually.

Why do we need such complex tools to create quick and simple presentations?

Taking away the UI

Text-only solutions for creating presentation slide decks without a UI are not new, but often require advanced code with HTML, or its design is stuck in the nineties. For those of us with an eye for design, the solution is gitslides.

Now, the only thing you need to think about is the content itself.

GitSlides utilizes the popular markup language markdown. A syntax that was specifically designed to take away markup-distractions from the content. Markdown is currently supported by Github, StackOverflow, Tumblr and WikiPedia and seems to be the trending default for formatting.

You won’t need to study any new knowledge if you’re already familiar with Markdown. New slides are simply created by adding a new #heading, just as if you were writing a normal markdown file.


Having zero design/font/color specifications allows you to easily switch themes or have a controllable cross company slide deck theme with a logo and company colors.

Existing themes can be easily incorporated and edited using gitslides.

Staying flex with HTML

Built on top of the popular presentation framework [Reveal.js] and with intelligent parsing within gitslides, you can still use HTML within your markdown, separating it with a line-break. Almost as if it were the same language.


As the name suggests, this text-only system ensures seamless integration with git to support fluent collaboration. Team-mates can make edits and changes to the deck can easily be reviewed and optionally merged into a master slide.

Shareable: internally or on GitHub pages

Each deck is hosted internally on a git-server or publicly on github-pages. Simply fork this project on GitHub and create a file in your ./_slides/ or ._posts folder. You can already view your presentation on

PDF is your friend

Need to upload your deck, put it on slideshare or share it by email? Export your deck by clicking the print button and opt for save-as-pdf.

How to get started

Fork this project to create your own slides directory

This project is hosted on GitHub. Start creating markdown slides by forking this project and triggering a commit to your fork, you can host your own gitslides directory. All your slides will be viewable on Add all your HTML/markdown slides to the slides folder and they will automatically be listed on the front page.

To get started with your own slides repo!