In short

Email: (see GnuPGP key below)
Phone: +316147570004 (I prefer Signal over WhatsApp over Text/SMS)

GnuPGP Public key - Download my key here.


I prefer using Signal over WhatsApp. It’s free, open-source, not-facebook, and also used by Snowden. Download Signal Messenger here.

Snowden: I use Signal every day. #NotesforFBI (Spoiler: They already know)


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Contact me on For private emailing, you can download my GnuPGP key here.

To encrypt the email content you can use PGP.

Setup PGP easily with ProtonMail

If you’d like to contact me privately, but setting up encryption with PGP would be too much, you can create an account on ProtonMail. For full anonymity, you can even install TOR Browser, or even tails, and create an anonymous email address via their onion address.

Any email to would then be automatically encrypted.

Key signing

When we meet in person, I’d be happy to verify your PGP key. Please bring your government issued ID, and a hashed fingerprint of your key. I’ll then send you an encrypted key signature.

I’d appreciate it if you were to return the favor, and upload the signature to a well-trusted key server for our key statistics.

Signing policy

Read more about my key signing policy here.

pub   rsa4096 2017-03-01 [SC]
uid           [ultimate] Richard Kraaijenhagen <>
sub   rsa4096 2017-03-01 [E]

Please be aware that my ProtonMail key is different than my GnuPGP key. They can both be used, but my preference goes to my own GnuPGP key.

GnuPGP Public key - Download my key here.