Introducing Git Slides, a rapid presentation builder tool

Creating goodlooking presentations in a short amount of time is a pain. When it comes to creating presentations, the most popular tools have the most burdensome UI. This distracts the user from being able to focus on the story. Creating even a simple slide can take several unnecessary interactions. Editing the styling for the slide is cumbersome, as each slide must be edited manually. Why do we need such complex tools to create quick and simple presentations? Taking away the UI Text-only solutions for creating presentation slide decks without a UI are not new, but often require advanced code with...... read more

Boolean-parser.js - A sanity check for boolean logic

Matching a query string to a string to get a boolean answer whether it matches or not is a pain. Take for instance the following query, roughly matching each string related to an aviation disaster: (plane OR helicopter OR boeing) AND (crash OR fire OR accident). Parsing this sentence recursively, with each bracket and boolean AND/OR logic becomes a bug prone process. Introducing Boolean-parser This function converts a boolean query to a 2 dimensional array with all possibilities. This allows you to quickly and easily see what scenarios will equal true in a complex boolean conditional. This tool is great...... read more

Remote controlled mechanical claw

A while ago I had this hobby project where we ordered a mechanical claw from ebay and connected it to an Arduino to control it via websockets. This in the end would allow a webcam to be connected, and make the claw to be remotely controlled, with multiple cameras in the front, top of the claw and sideways for a unique perspective. read more

I'm too cool for hotspot-wifi-login popups. Here's how to get rid of them

No Wifi Popup - Automatically connect to your hotel’s WiFi network. It sounds like a dream. I’m highly frustrated with wifi popups in hotels and cafes. Their problems are: Never open a pop-up to connect when you need them Don’t remember the data you entered (even though you checked ‘remember me’) You never know when you lost connection when using https, you just wait until the connection times out. They don’t work nicely when using an alternative DNS server. I quickly hacked a solution together as a proof of concept. They only tackle the first two problems. You edit the...... read more

VIM, the magic wand for writing text

My old programming mentor Pieter Scherpenhuijsen used to joke with me ‘if it was made after you were born, its probably not very good.” And that does usually hold true with hardware products. However, it’s the timeless things that have proven their quality against the test of time over and over again that truly interest me. Take for example the plethora of books that are well over a century old which still get referenced today. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, for example, was written in 513 BCE. Heck, even Andy Grove’s High Output Management from the 80’s is still...... read more

Owlin is running, I'm on to the next one

This year at Owlin we connected our big data analytics to some of the biggest corporations in Europe including KPMG, Deloitte, ING and many other high-profile equity trading firms. Our team’s hard work was then awarded by the top awards in the business like the Accenture Innovation Awards and the Pioneers festival. read more