Moving on from Owlin, to a new chapter

This year at Owlin we connected our big data analytics to some of the biggest corporations in Europe including KPMG, Deloitte, ING and many other high-profile equity trading firms. Our team’s hard work was then awarded by the top awards in the business like the Accenture Innovation Awards and the Pioneers festival.

I’m incredibly proud to have not only programmed an excellent product that works seamlessly, but also that Owlin has received so much public recognition, and has reached the state of a profitable startup. I’m beyond confident in the future success of Owlin, as I’m leaving the company in the incredibly competent hands of my co-founders.
After working on the core technology behind Owlin for more than 5 years, I have seen Owlin grow from my own pet project as a mere teen, to a self-sustaining company - serving the most in-depth, and fastest news analysis to the greatest hedge funds, banks, and accountants in the world.
When I was programming at the age of 14, I imagined a dream job that would allow me the opportunity to build a profitable business for in-depth analysis of big data. Now that I have reached my goal, I have decided to move on to follow even greater dreams. I will now hone my skills in programming in other industries to gain an even wider skill-set. Again, I’m only 22. Steve Jobs and Larry Page weren’t even started at this age. I’ve got a lot more to learn, and accomplish.

At Owlin I headed the development of our product by spearheading Agile/Scrum management for our team. I also set up real-time big data filtering pipelines using a custom algorithm developed in-part by our Data Scientist and resident Quantum physicist, Dr. Westra. I then visualized this data into a beautiful and user-friendly interface using HTML5/CSS3 through websockets. I’m specifically proud of Owlin’s database that is expanding at a monthly speed of 25Terabytes.

As you can see, I seek out challenges, and make it my mission to solve them. As a full-stack developer with an intense passion for learning and growth, I’m ready to move on to the next adventure and continue to increase my strengths. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to sell most of my shares to my co-founders. In the future, I will look into Angel Investing with my Future Ventures foundation to help other startups to get started in the right direction, and will stay involved with Owlin as a permanent advisor. It’s been a wild ride from raising VC funding, and getting covered by major websites, to passionately working day-to-day on some of the world’s most cutting-edge data analysis.

We live in an incredibly exciting time of exponential innovation; especially in the world of communication. From the rise of mobile and touch-screen technology, to communication-enhancing apps like Twitter, and Whatsapp, we’ve come a long way in a very short timeframe.
It’s my personal mission to extend humankind’s ability to communicate by continually innovating upon the latest technologies. In my opinion, the ability to communicate and share one’s knowledge is truly a multiplier of success towards a future world of increasing progress.
With Owlin, my goal was to top Bloomberg by getting a 360 degree news view to our clients faster than any other service. I’m still enraptured by the idea of optimizing the transferral of knowledge, and communication’s ability to transform society for the better. Let’s see how far this rabbit hole goes.