Owlin publishes language model with scientists from Stanford and Edinburgh's University

Did you ever wonder how Owlin is able to gather articles from a number of languages and sort them by subject? This is made possible in part by a statistical language model developed by Owlin in cooperation with scientists from Stanford University and Edinburgh University. The 5.6 terabyte model, which brings natural language processing to a new level, is now the subject of a scientific article written by Owlin’s Bas van Ooyen with co-developers Christian Buck of the University of Edinburgh and Kenneth Heafield of Stanford University and presented last week at the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference in Reykjavik...... read more

You can trust Owlin to get time sensitive news for you fast

Within a span of four days in July, Owlin again proved its value at reporting time-sensitive financial information ahead of competitors. July 29: The Owlin newsroom catches the ASML stock as it rises 1h26m ahead of other Dutch news services. July 30: The Owlin newsroom highlights an article explaining the trading suspension of Corio seven hours before market opening. July 31: Owlin subscribers received a profit warning from Adidas a full hour before market opening. Other major wire services reported the news just minutes before the market opened, or even later. ... read more

Hashtagivist, Find your hashtags for social justice

AMSTERDAM - This year at The Next Web’s annual hackathon, my partner and I created a hack called Hashtagivist. Promoting hashtags for social justice on Twitter. Hashtagivist Hashtagivist stands for “Hashtag Activist” was inspired by the amazing work of Suey Park, Mikki Kendall, and other proponents for social change and equality on Twitter. There are so many of us that believe in equality, and want to lobby for social change, but either aren’t that well-versed with Twitter, or have trouble finding hashtag campaigns. For me, I’d always catch campaigns after-the-fact via a blog post, and think to myself, “Gee, I...... read more